Reading Time: < 1 minute Vegan activists want the turkeys to go to a sanctuary (Photo: Adobe. Do not use without permission)
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Vegan activists are calling on a farm to release nine turkeys who were due to be auctioned during its Winter Fayre this weekend.

The auction at St Werberghs City Farm was canceled after the farm received complaints about the event.

Bristol Vegan Action has found a safe sanctuary for all nine turkeys who were due to be auctioned – but the farm has refused to let the turkeys live, saying they will be going to slaughter anyway.

Now vegan charity Viva! has put out a call to action, asking people to contact the farm, and ask for the release of the animals.

Vegan Christmas

“Generally, Christmas is thought of as a time of peace and goodwill, yet for St Werburghs City Farm that seemingly only extends so far,” Lex Rigby, Campaigns Manager at vegan charity Viva!, told Plant Based News.

“Although a forever home at Coppershell Farm Sanctuary has been secured for the nine turkeys destined for slaughter, St Werburghs City Farm has refused pleas from Bristol Vegan Action to act compassionately. Viva! is now joining Bristol Vegan Action in urging St Werburghs City Farm to give these turkeys a break.

“Last December two million turkeys were slaughtered in the UK – most having never seen the light of day, spending their short lives in cramped dirty sheds, crowded together in their own waste. This festive season opting for plant-based alternatives is the kindest, most effective thing you can do for animals, your health and the environment.”

Maria Chiorando

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