Reading Time: < 1 minute Campaigners describe fur farm conditions as 'squalid' (Photo: Oikeutta Eäimille)
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Vegan activists have called on the Irish government to ban fur farming.

Campaigners from vegan charity PETA gathered in Cork city center over weekend holding signs saying: “Ban Fur Farming,” and “The Fur Trade Is Dead.”

Ireland’s Solidarity party is expected to introduce a bill in the Dáil this month calling for a ban on fur farming in the country, with full support from the Green Party.

Fur in Ireland

According to the National Animals Rights Association (NARA), there are three mink fur farms remain in operation today in Ireland inLaois, Donegal and Kerry,killing an estimated 200,000 minks annually.

This is fewer farms than in 2012 – when there were five, according to the Department of Agriculture, but the number of animals killed was either the same at 200,000 or somewhat higher at 225,000 minks per year.


“Ireland’s fur farms imprison some 200,000 minks a year in squalid cages, where they can’t roam, swim, care for their young, or do anything else that’s natural and important to them,” says PETA Director Elisa Allen.

“PETA is calling on the Irish government to ban fur farming in order to prevent sensitive animals from being gassed to death.”

The charity adds that the majority of top fashion designers and brands have policies against using fur in their collections, including Vivienne Westwood, Versace, Gucci, Stella McCartney, Simone Rocha, and Burberry.

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