Vegan Activist Receives Vicious Online Backlash After Restaurant Protest


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Protestors outside the restaurant (Photo: Facebook/Marni Ugar) - Media Credit:

Earlier this week vegan activists in Toronto hit the headlines after a chef carved up a deer’s leg in front of them, in a bid to ‘offend’ them.

The animal rights activists were campaigning outside a restaurant in Toronto when the incident took place. The restaurant – Antler Kitchen & Bar, in the city’s west end – is known for serving wild boar, venison, bison, and duck.

The campaigners chose to campaign outside Antler – which advertises its meat as ‘humane’ – in a bid to debunk the humane meat myth.


The protest was organized by Marni Ugar, who has revealed to PBN that since the story broke, she has received torrents of abuse online.

She said: “I feel like many articles are missing the point; I chose Antler to raise awareness, educate, debunk the humane meat myth and ideally have dialogue with the owner – we have exchanged email and will hopefully meet.

“Everyone attacking me says ‘why not McDonald’s?’.

“My answer is that most people already understand how terrible [welfare standards] are, but also, who will I sit down with there?”


She added: “My protests at a previous Toronto restaurant led to the owner coming to a chicken vigil so he could see what he was contributing to. He ended up adding vegan dishes and removing meat from the menu.

“He even told us that we were on the right side of history.

“If Michael Hunter [chef and co-owner of Antler] was serving dogs and cats ‘humanely-raised’ I’d be the hero while he’d be their target.

“However, in this case, that scenario is reversed and I’m the target of many thousands.”


According to Ugar, she has received many emails as a result of the protest and press coverage – including threats and abuse.

It’s important to note that she currently in dialogue with Michael Hunter, and there is no suggestion that he is involved in any of the backlash.

Not the victim

She said: “All of those threatening and attacking me…the majority see the restaurant as being run by this poor, small, ethical businessman.

“But my point is that he serves foie gras, and breeds animals to kill them – despite calling them wild. He’s also a hunter which is inspiring the pro-gun people to send me messages.

“I’m not the victim. Michael is not the victim. These animals are; born to be killed, what could possibly be right about that?”

PBN has contacted Antler Kitchen & Bar and will update this story in due course.

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