Vegan Activist Joey Carbstrong On Fierce Media Backlash: ‘It’s Been Hard’


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Carbstrong has said he will condemn death threats - if he see any proof they exist (Photo: Joey Carbstrong) - Media Credit:

Prolific activist Joey Carbstrong has made a number of highly publicized media profiles in recent weeks – leading to a backlash in the mainstream media.

Carbstrong, who says his ‘intention is to bring ethical veganism into the forefront of the mainstream’, has been lambasted by farmers accusing him of death threats – as well as being the subject of hatchet job pieces in major newspapers.

Various media articles have highlighted Carbstrong’s past – which included a jail term and some colourful language on social media – concerns the activist has been quick to address, stating he has moved on.


According to an open letter Carbstrong wrote in response to the attention: “These last few weeks have been the most eventful out of my whole activist journey.

“I came to the UK with a clear intention, that intention was to bring ethical Veganism into the forefront of the mainstream.

“That is what has happened. I’ve had an unwavering belief in my heart that we can really change the world and no one can change my mind on this.”

Carbstrong’s videos shows the ups and downs of recent weeks

Working together

According to the activist, many are working together to bring unpalatable agricultural practices to light.

He wrote: “We are causing some concern and some backlash.

“Meat, dairy and egg sponsored media have hit back with a tirade of negative press to combat the damage we are doing to the reputation of these abhorrent industries.

“They are getting worried, they can try to discredit me and attack my character, but there are millions more who feel like me, who have the fire in their heart and are prepared to spread this message far and wide.

“You can try to defame us with lies, but you cannot stop a movement of truth.”


Carbstrong has created a video to showcase what he describes as ‘the ups and downs’ of recent weeks.

He said: “I’d really encourage all of my supporters, all of the non-vegans who have found me through the media and all of the farmers who have bad feelings towards me, to watch it to see what Im really about.

“We want peace , not violence. We want to help, not to hurt. We want freedom, not slavery.”

PBN interviews activist Joey Carbstrong


He added: “Every single human being on earth desires a life without harm, without suffering, so its only fair that we extend that to the other earthlings who inhabit this earth.

“Thank you so much to everyone who stood by me through this storm. Its been hard to deal with sometimes but I always keep the animals in mind.

“Don’t worry, I won’t stop, I plan on seeing this through till the very end…”

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