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Vancouver is
set to ban plastic drinking straws from fall of next year – making history as
the first major Canadian city to do so.


The ban –
which is part of the city’s plan to go waste free by 2040 – will also cover
single-use Styrofoam takeout containers and cups.

When the
move was finalized on Wednesday, councillors also approved a bylaw which will
regulate, and aim to reduce, the use of disposable cups and shopping bags in

will have to eliminate the disposables entirely, charge customers for them, or
arrive at an alternative solution which must be pre-approved by city council.

Those who
do not comply with the new guidelines may risk a $250 fine.


There is a
growing waste reduction movement in the coastal metropolis, including policies at many of the cities farmers’ markets which require all single use
materials to be compostable and where customers are encouraged to bring their own bags.

Despite existing efforts, Vancouver residents and businesses continue to produce a large amount of unnecessary waste.

to the city, an estimated 2.6 million disposable cups are discarded there on a weekly
basis – while on a national level, it is estimated that 57 million straws are discarded in Canada each day.