Reading Time: < 1 minute ARM said cows were tied in 'pretzel-like' positions before being front loaded to a holding area where they would die (Photo: Animal Recovery Mission)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

An undercover investigation has revealed alleged abuse of cows on a major US organic dairy farm.

Animal Recovery Mission (ARM), which recently released the largest ever dairy investigation exposing mass abuse of calves on Fair Oaks Farm in Indiana, is behind the footage taken at Natural Prairie Dairy in Texas. 

According to ARM, Natural Prairie Dairies houses more than 25,000 cows in four locations near Dalhart, Texas, and currently supplies some major retailers.

Animal abuse

ARM’s video appears to show cows ‘tormented, kicked, hit with shovels, and stabbed with screwdrivers by vet tech crews and animal caregivers’. 

It added that the animals were inhumanly tied left in uncomfortable positions for hours, and cows were seen falling into cesspools almost drowning. Also, medical attention was not given to numerous animals, cows with infected eyes, infected udders, cuts, and scrapes, limping and too weak to walk were observed, untreated and in declining health.

In addition, conditions on the farm were squalid, with overcrowded and unsanitary conditions, with cows forced to lie in feces-ridden cement.

‘Misery and torture’

“The cows of Natural Prairie Dairy live a life of pure misery and torture. Beaten, stabbed and locked down in feces ridden barns, this is not what consumers imagine when purchasing organic milk and/or cheese,” Richard ‘Kudo’ Couto, ARM Founder, said in a statement sent to Plant Based News.

“The world has just been schooled on the reality of organic dairy.”

PBN has contacted Natural Prairie Dairy for a comment. At the time of publication, the dairy had not yet responded to any other publications.

Maria Chiorando

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