Reading Time: < 1 minute A mink on a farm in Finland (Photo: Oikeutta eläimille)
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An animal rights organization claims it has footage of mink farms which it plans to release in the hopes of shutting the facilities down.

The Kitchener Ontario Animal Liberation Alliance [KOALA] of Soutwestern Ontario, which described the conditions as ‘torturous’ – says the farms haven’t been inspected ‘by any Government agency for the last six years’.


KOALA cofounder Martin Klimowicz says he’s prepared to accept the consequences of illegally trespassing on five of Ontario’s roughly 40 mink farms in order to film the footage.

Klimowicz believes the conditions in which the animals are kept violate the the terms set by the Ontario Society for the Protection of Animals [OSPCA]. 

The footage, to be released on website End Fur Farming later today, reportedly shows overcrowded, feces-laden cages of ‘suffering’ minks including some who are injured. 

One farm also allegedly contains a puppy mill.

This PETA footage shows a US mink and fox farm

Animal use

Regional Vice President of the International Fur Federation Nancy Daigneault is concerned, however, with the animals being taped with LED lighting – calling Klimowicz’s expository efforts ‘a bit of an animal welfare issue’.

She said also that those who ‘disagree with animal use’ are ‘entitled to their point of view’ – but emphasized concern over Klimowicz’s break in.

Klimowicz, on the other hand, wants justice for the animals.

He said: “I will accept the responsibility and repercussions of my acts.”

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