Reading Time: < 1 minute The footage reveals animal suffering (Photo: WAKE)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Undercover video footage has revealed animal suffering on pig farms across Ireland.

The video was filmed by WAKE, which organizes peaceful actions and demonstrations in a bid educate people about animal agriculture. It consists of footage taken at several different pig farms across the country.

Animal suffering

Footage shows thousands of pigs confined in the dark, forced to live in cramped conditions, covered in excrement, among the bodies dead animals.

Pregnant females are seen confined in gestational crates until they give birth, where they are then moved into farrowing crates for up to seven weeks. The crates are so small sows are unable to turn around.

‘Show the public’

“The purpose of the footage is to show the public the routine animal rights violations that occur throughout Ireland to nonhuman animals,” said a spokesperson for WAKE. “It shows people the truth of what the industry representatives are purposely hiding from their sight. 

“As sentient individuals in this world and aware of this world, just like us, they have moral rights to life, liberty, and freedom. 

“As it has been scientifically proven that humans do not need animal products to survive, we are choosing to violate their rights for no morally justifiable reason.”

Amy Rohu

Amy is from Dublin in Ireland and is currently working with PBN. She has a certificate in Print Journalism and an Honours degree in Communications and is a very passionate vegan. Amy's favourite thing to do is to go out and hunt down new vegan finds in supermarkets and health stores and her favourite treat is VEGO chocolate!