UK Animal Agriculture Linked To The Extinction Of 33 Species, New Report Says


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Giant pandas might soon become extinct due to the expansion of animal agriculture (Photo: Theodor Lundqvist) - Media Credit:

The UK food supply alone has been directly linked to the extinction of an estimated 33 species at home and abroad, a new report says.

Compiled by conservation organization World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the report found that meat-based diets are destroying 60 percent of biodiversity.

In the report, which is titled Appetite for Destruction, researchers have concluded that many species will soon become extinct due to the planting of monocrops used as animal feed.

Giant pandas, giraffes, snow leopards, cheetahs, jaguars, and giraffes could all cease to exist if animal agriculture keeps expanding.


Researchers looked at the impact our animal protein-heavy diets on the planet – and particularly, the associated hidden impacts of animal feed.

According to the report: “Producing crops to feed
our livestock is putting an enormous strain on our natural resources and
is a driving force behind wide-scale biodiversity loss.”

The expansion of the animal agriculture is threatening regions such South America’s Cerrado, Congo Basin, Eastern Himalayas, and Atlantic Forest.

Species including: gorillas, forest elephants, chimpanzees, hippos, lions, and dolphins are also on the brink of extinction.

The report encourages the consumption of more plants and the reduction of animal protein intake.


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