TV Celeb Andrea McLean Says She Is ‘Vegan Ish’:?But Is This Even?A Thing?


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Should she just call herself 'plant-based'? (Photo: Andrea McLean Facebook) - Media Credit:

Scottish TV presenter Andrea McLean has credited her recovery following a hysterectomy to a plant-based diet, saying she calls herself ‘vegan-ish’.

In an interview with Fit & Well magazine, the ITV Loose Women host confessed that she will ‘happily have a steak’.

The 47-year-old talk show host revealed that after surgery, she was unable to walk, but dropping animal foods from her diet helped her regain her strength.


McLean told the magazine that a plant-based diet offered all the health benefits she was after.

“I’ve suffered with shingles-like viruses throughout my life, so I looked into what foods are good for your immune system, metabolism and menopause,” she said.

She added: “A vegan diet had everything I wanted – I can digest it all properly, as I get irritable bowel when I’m stressed, and I’m intolerant to milk.

“But I’m not vegan. I’ll happily have a steak! I call myself vegan-ish!”


But is McLean’s ‘vegan-ish’ label damaging to the vegan movement?

Some purists would argue that the TV presenter is just ‘plant-based’, and the v-word should only be attributed to individuals who forgo animal foods for ethical reasons.

Contrarily, other people would suggest that McLean calling herself ‘vegan’, be it half-heartedly, will draw more attention to the vegan message.

At the end of the day – all press is good press. But where do you stand?


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