Reading Time: 2 minutes One of the chickens who survived the crash. Workers reportedly rounded-up the birds to send to slaughter (Photo: Facebook/Jane Velez-Mitchell)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

A truck carrying more than 5,000 chickens overturned on its way to the slaughterhouse yesterday, killing some of the animals and injuring others.

The accident happened on state Highway 502 in Clark County, Washington, while the chickens were being taken from a local farm to Foster Farms chicken processing plant.

Washington State Patrol Trooper Will Finn told local media that the driver overturned the truck while trying to manoeuvre. He added: “The driver of this combination semi truck and trailer combination loaded with chickens performed an illegal U-turn.”


Following the crash, in which the driver was unhurt, animal rights activists Direct Action Everywhere [DxE] and the Save Movement attended the scene to protest treatment of the animals.

One woman- Amber Canavan – was reportedly arrested after she tried to save a chicken. After an hour-long stand-off with State Troopers, in which she refused to hand over the animal, she was arrested and charged with obstruction of a peace officer and third-degree theft. State Troopers told Canavan to return ‘the property’.

According to leading journalist Jane Velez-Mitchell: “Activists sing a response, saying these sentient beings are not property and demanding animal liberation. Many are of the chickens are dead, many more are barely alive while a cleanup crew is gathering those animals who are still alive to put them on a new truck to the slaughterhouse. 

“Heartbroken animal activists survey the carnage and beg to be allowed to take the injured birds to get veterinary care. They are refused.”

DxE Portland organizer, Dani Rukin, said: “This heartbreaking situation is a perfect illustration of the tragedy of animal agriculture. Ordinary people want to help suffering animals, but corporations only see commodities and dollar signs.”

‘Under review’

An official statement released by Foster Farms said: “[We] assisted local authorities in responding to a truck accident in Ridgefield, Washington, on

Monday afternoon. A Foster Farms semi-truck transporting live chickens overturned onto the side of the road.

“No other vehicles were involved in the accident and the driver was not injured. Foster Farms employees trained in humane handling assisted authorities in collecting displaced birds.

The incident is under review by local authorities. The company prioritizes the safety and welfare of its flocks and accidents of this nature are rare.”

DxE shared the incidentlive on Facebook here

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