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Veganuary has released 60-second videos across its social media accounts of vegan celebrities sending messages of goodwill and support.

The new Talking Heads series will run for six weeks, throughout the duration of Veganuary’s month-long vegan pledge.

Debunking the greatest myth of veganism

The video series includes celebrities such as TV Presenter and Veganuary Ambassador, Jasmine Harman, who quit eating cheese after ‘a lifetime of loving the stuff’.

Actor Evanna Lynch explains why people don’t have to choose between animal rights and human rights when we’re capable to care about both.

Spanish footballer, Hector Bellerin, reveals how a vegan diet has benefitted his body, and British Actor and Veganuary Ambassador, Peter Egan, tackles the greatest myths of veganism in his one minute video.

Veteran vegan Peter Egan smashes some myths?

A 183% increase

Last year, Veganuary’s campaign grew by 183 percent, with 168,542 people signing up to go vegan during the month of January.

By the end of January 2019, Veganuary is expecting 300,000 people to have joined the campaign.

To sign up for Veganuary, visit its registration page here


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