Reading Time: < 1 minute The designer misses some sweets (Photo: Nicogenin)
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Fashion designer Tom Ford has revealed he went vegan after watching smash hit documentary What the Health.

According to the designer, who shared the news in an interview with Vogue magazine, his only problem so far has been replacing Marks and Spencer’s famous ‘Percy Pig’ sweets.

He said: “They do make a vegan version, but they’re not the same.”


Ford says he reached out to designer Stella McCartney to let her know about his transition.

McCartney – a vocal vegetarian who refuses to use leather, wool, or fur in her designs – is one of his best friends.

He said: “I sent a note to Stella McCartney – one of my best friends and one of Jack’s godparents – and I said, ‘Stella, you’re not going to believe this,’ thinking she would say, ‘well it’s about time!’ 

“But she didn’t, she said, ‘Congratulations.’ 

“She was very gracious about it.”


Ford joins a growing number of celebrities who have ditched animal products this year after watching What the Health.

Many athletes switched to a plant-based diet because of the the film, includingNBA player Kyrie Irving and Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton.

And many show no signs of wanting to go back – earlier this year Hamilton swore he would ‘never eat meat again’.

Maria Chiorando

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