Reading Time: < 1 minute Melbourne CBD 'brought to a standstill' by a sea of protesters (Photo: Instagram)
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of activists came together in Melbourne yesterday to protest animal
exploitation in the first ever Dominion Animal Rights March.

The march

The event
took place in Melbourne’s Central Business District (CBD), and featured a truck
screening footage from Chris Delforce’s ground-breaking animal rights
documentary Dominion.

dressed in black emphasized the plight of sheep who are victims of long-haul
transport from Australia to the Middle East – a practice which has sparked much
recent controversy

While an
exact count is not available, the event’s Facebook page indicates 2.3 thousand
attended the March – including famed activists Joey Carbstrong and James Aspey – and that an additional 3.5 thousand were interested.


On the day
of the March, Delforce told SBS News the documentary ‘shows what we’re doing as
humans to the animal kingdom, and it questions whether we have the right to do
that and whether it can ever be moral’.

The march was
the kickoff for a six-month campaign – planned in conjunction with Dominion‘s
release – which is set to bring light to the issues exposed in the film.

The events Facebook
page says the objective of the campaign is to start ‘systematically tearing
down the walls that, until now, have hidden the greatest injustice in human

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