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Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Save Movement has joined forces with Animal Justice Project‘s UK-wide Lifeline campaign, which has reached thousands of people all over the UK with a strong vegan, anti-speciesism, anti-vivisection message.

The Save Movement, which has more than 60 UK groups and more than 560 worldwide, bears witness to ‘food’ animals in the final stages of their lives at slaughterhouses – documenting their condition and plight.

From today, Save groups nationwide will be encouraged to carry out Lifelines with new Lifeline/Save materials and new footage of animals on their way to slaughter.


As part of the Lifeline campaign, huge 7.5 meter high digital billboards have been displayed in major cities, on the tables of busy university student unions, bus stops, and a ‘Digi Van’ spread an anti-speciesism message.

In addition, local animal rights groups have taken to the streets in and around university campuses with stunning and emotive placards, leaflets, video footage, and resource cards for the public.

The organizations announce their partnership

Vegan activism

“Animal agriculture and vivisection both stem from the errant belief that we humans have a right to use animals, be it for food, clothing or in the name of science,” Andrew Gough, Campaigns & Outreach, Save Movement UK CIC said in a statement sent to Plant Based News.

“The Save Movement and Animal Justice Project are natural partners in tackling both of these facets of animal exploitation through effective public outreach events and national advertising campaigns.”

Campaign passion

“A huge amount of passion and love has gone into creating our Lifeline campaign which has been effectively rolled out nationwide over the last couple of months,” Ayrton Cooper, Vegan Outreach Campaigner, Animal Justice Project, added.

“We aim to end animal exploitation completely, and our new partnership with The Save Movement will help us accelerate this. By encouraging TSM activists to host Lifelines, we can educate more people on the needless horrors of animal agriculture.

“Together we are huge powerhouse of knowledge, skill, and determination and this, I believe, is enough to end cruelty towards animals. Join us in becoming a Lifeline for animals.”

Launching the partnership will be a collaboration event with Nottinghamshire Animal Save on November 17 in the city center, which will closely be followed by a Derbyshire Animal Save Lifeline on November 24.

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