Reading Time: < 1 minute Zoe Rosenberg says helping animals is her 'moral responsibility' (Photo: Facebook)
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A teen activist is fighting to have a slaughterhouse at California Polytechnic State University shut down.

Direct Action Everywhere organizer, 16-year-old Zoe Rosenberg is part of an ongoing campaign against the school’s ‘meat processing facility’, and will be marching in protest of the establishment October 5.

Speaking to KSBY, Rosenberg said: “I believe it is my moral responsibility to do everything in my power to save [animals] and to change this world for them.”

‘Behind closed doors’

Rosenberg made headlines in April when she was arrested after chaining herself to a fence at the facility – but was apparently undeterred.

Regarding the upcoming march, she said: “I want to do this for the animals because I’ve rescued animals from this industry.

“I’ve taken animals into my arms out of factory farms and to freedom. I’ve seen what happens behind closed doors. I’ve seen what the industry is hiding. I’m not going to stop until the slaughterhouse is shut down.”

‘Well cared for’

The ‘meat processing center’ is used to teach students about slaughtering and butchering animals, and packaging meat.

According to KSBY, the school maintains that the animals at the facility ‘are well cared for’ and that it operates in accordance with the law.

Making sacrifices

Rosenberg’s activism also takes place on social media where she, where she regularly posts about animal rights issues.

On her most recent Facebook post, the teen activist wrote: “Sometimes we have to make sacrifices to help animals.”

Emily Court

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