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A vegan app launched over lockdown is seeking to help people find more plant-based products in their local areas.

Its creation came after Founder Wagner Rosati became frustrated with the lack of information in supermarkets.

Vegan Check App

Rosati launched Vegan Check during lockdown in 2020 after he moved to Ireland.

He told PBN: “There were tons of brands and I thought to myself, there is no way I will spend time here reading one by one to check which one is suitable for vegans.”

The act of trawling through search engines and Facebook groups to find local vegan products was laborious. As a result, Rosati thought it would be easier for all the information to be in one place.

On the app, products are submitted and locations tagged to help users find them.

Moreover, it’s a social program – meaning users can start conversations to discuss vegan items from beer to beauty products, and rank various stores.

Finding plant-based products

The app compiles a range of local services from beauty salons to tattoo studios Credit: Supplied

It’s aim is to celebrate people’s favorite products without the fear of worrying that they aren’t 100 percent vegan.

Moreover, it includes services such as tattoo studios and salons based on the products and policies they use.

‘I want to get more people engaged, building a collaborative environment.

‘And through users’ posts and comments, I want Vegan Check App to play a meaningful role in the daily lives of vegans and people who are transitioning to a vegan lifestyle’, Rosati added.

He hopes it can become one of the most used vegan-friendly mobile apps.

Vegan apps

The number of vegan apps is growing. One example is Veggly, a dating app for vegans – which is now available in 181 countries.

Earlier this year, it exceeded 200,000 users.

Another example is the Veggie Challenge app, created by the food advocacy organization ProVeg. It was designed to help people try plant-based diets.

You can find out more about Vegan Check here

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