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One of the leading actors in smash hit series Stranger Things has announced she is vegan.

After the runaway success of Stranger Things season one, millions were anticipating the new season dropping at midnight last night.

The show opens with four boys in the small town of Hawkins tracking down a cool, mysterious skater girl called Max.

Max is played by Sadie Sink.


According to Sink, she is a ‘passionate vegan’, saying: “I actually was a vegetarian for about a year and when I was working on The Glass Castle with Woody Harrelson he and his family inspired me to become a vegan.”

She has also described her transition to veganism as ‘one of the best decisions I’ve ever made’.

The star also admitted she has managed to replace old favorites with plant-based versions, saying she tracked down a vegan chicken and waffles dish in Atlanta to replace the omnivorous version she used to enjoy.


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