Reading Time: 2 minutes Fry appears to have been veggie for several years (Photo: Twitter/Stephen Fry)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Stephen Fry has encouraged his followers to ditch meat and try National Vegetarian Week.

The TV personality shared pictures of his meat-free cooking on Twitter, while wear a t-shirt that said ‘eat to beat climate change’.

According to meat-free brand Cauldron Foods, Fry was cooking new recipes it created for National Vegetarian Week. 

Is Stephen Fry vegan?

Fry tweeted: “It’s #NationalVegetarianWeek and I’ve been in the kitchen trying 3 classic recipes with a veggie twist … Join me and try them in your kitchen. Get the recipes at”

Fry is believed to be vegetarian, revealing in a 2017 tweet: “Since becoming vegetarian I seem to have developed a virtual addiction to kimchi. Who knew such a thing could happen so late in life? Sheesh.”

Later that year, he tweeted that he had found it easy, but that ‘the hard part is trying my best to moving to vegan. Damn you cheese and eggs…”

Oat milk

Earlier this year, Fry revealed that he is a fan of oat milk, when he shared a picture of his latte.

He wrote: “Quite pleased with this one because, while far from perfect, it’s the best I’ve managed so far with oat milk.”

‘Oat milk isn’t milk’

One Twitter user responded saying: “Looks great. However, oat milk isn’t milk.”

Fry replied: “And peanut butter isn’t butter, quince cheese isn’t cheese, cream of coconut isn’t cream…try as dairy farmers might, history and the nature of language development will decide.”

Robbie Lockie

Robbie is the cofounder & director of Plant Based News.