Reading Time: < 1 minute Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart on the show (Photo: CBS)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

TV Host Stephen Colbert has finally confirmed what many have suspected – that best friend Jon Stewart is vegan.

Former presenter Stewart runs a sanctuary for abused animals with his wife Tracey Stewart.

Tracey told the public her husband was veggie around a year ago, admitting that he was ‘a little afraid to say it out loud‘, adding: “He thinks he’s going to be caught somewhere eating meat.”


Since then, there has been speculation around his lifestyle – until now.

Colbert let the information slip during an interview with actor Matt Damon that was posted on The Late Show’s Facebook page.


Talking about how Matt Damon and Brad Pitt play krill in movie Happy Feet 2, Colbert jokes: “Jon Stewart and I were offered those roles, and we said ‘nah, we too busy, we can’t do that’.

“Then they said ‘fine’, and it was you and Brad Pitt…”

Damon says: “That’s hurtful, I feel like [director] George Miller lied to me. Which one [of you would have been playing Pitt’s part]?”

Colbert says: “Pitt was the krill with the abs. I think Jon’s vegan, so he’s got the abs.”


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