Reading Time: < 1 minute ?The star says the chain should add 'more vegan options to the menu (Photo: Facebook)
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Actor Edie
Falco and her son Anderson joined a number of other activists in front of
McDonald’s in Times Square on Wednesday to protest the company’s treatment of


The protest
was designed to bring attention to the ‘cruel practices’ of animal agriculture –
something Falco says consumers should be aware of.

In a
Facebook Live video, she said:
“If you know about it and you still decide to
eat the animals, you know, that’s between you and whatever… But you should at
least know what actually happens. This.

“It doesn’t
just appear on your plate.”


demonstration was organized by Animal Equality, The Humane League and
Compassion Over Killing in hopes of motivating change within the corporation –
which Falco’s son Anderson said kills animals ‘for no reason’.

Animal Equality’s
Corporate Campaigns Coordinator Ollie Davidson said: “For too long McDonald’s has valued profits
over basic animal protections. Rather than commit to meaningful reforms, like
over 90 of its competitors such as Burger King and Subway have, McDonald’s
continues to drag its feet. It’s time for them to change.”

Falco added
that the fast-food giant should add ‘more vegan options on the menu’.

Emily Court

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