Plant-Based Branded One Of The Top ‘Trending’ Diets On TikTok After Views Exceed 29 Million

Videos with the hashtag Plant-Based Diet outranked the Carnivore Diet by nearly 20 million views...


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Plant-Based Branded One Of The Top 'Trending' Diets On TikTok After Views Exceed 29 Million 'Vegan Dessert' has 29 million views on TikTok - Media Credit: Supplied

The plant-based diet has been branded one of the top ‘trending’ diets on TikTok

A new report released by analyses which trending health and fitness topics are currently dominating the social media platform. 

It found videos tagged with the hashtag Plant-Based Diet have exceeded 29 million views – outranking the Carnivore Diet by nearly 20 million. 

Moreover, searches for Vegan Diet attracted more than 7.5 million views, Vegan Junk Food garnered nearly nine million views – and Vegan Desserts brought in a staggering 29 million views. 

In a statement sent to Plant Based News, said: “The videos tagged with #plantbaseddiet cover a range of topics, but most show quick guides and recipes on how to make delicious plant-based dishes. 

“These videos include healthy salads, smoothie and sandwich ideas, but also showcase some naughtier ‘junk’ plant-based dishes including vegan breakfast burgers, burritos and choc-chip cookies. 


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“Other videos show some easy brand swaps you can introduce to your shopping list in order to go more plant-based (e.g. in the USA, Violife, Just Egg and Sweet Loren’s). 

“There are also videos under the hashtag which show TikTok users sharing their reasons for choosing a plant-based diet, as well as ‘how to’ videos for things like pressing tofu and using egg substitutes in cooking.”

That Vegan Teacher

Many vegan influencers have propelled into the mainstream due to TikTok, most notably That Vegan Teacher

Otherwise known as Kadie Karen Diekmeyer, That Vegan Teacher is an elementary school teacher and vegan advocate.

She posts educational videos on intersectional activism and veganism on social media, garnering millions of likes. Moreover, she regularly promotes veganism through song and has a Spotify playlist of her original creations.

Recently, That Vegan Teacher attracted global media attention after urging celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay to go vegan.

In the video, Diekmeyer sings the celeb a song, telling him ‘hurting animals is wrong’. She adds: “And if you call me a donut, that’s fine, as long as you’re vegan from now on.”

In response, Ramsay posted a video nodding along to the song whilst eating lettuce. He called her a ‘vegan donut’ and at the end of the video, took a large bite from a burger.

You can read the full report here

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