Reading Time: < 1 minute The iconic musician is an ambassador for Beyond Meat (Photo of Snoop Dogg: Jørund Føreland Pedersen)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Snoop Dogg has revealed how he sneaked plant-based meat into his family’s diet.

The iconic musician made the comments during a recent video for Beyond Meat – he is an ambassador for the company.

‘You’ve got to slide it in’

During the video, Snoop Dogg says: “How did I introduce plant-based meat to my family? Plant-based products to my family? I just slid it on them. I snuck it in.

“You’ve got to sneak it in, man, because so many people are accustomed to a certain taste or a certain way of doing it. So you’ve got to slide it in and let it just be a way of coming in.

“And it’s ‘mmm, what is that?’. Oh that’s something new…it’s Beyond Meat. It’s actually plant-based. ‘Oh, I didn’t know I liked plant-based’. I know. Keep eating it.”

Snoop Dogg and Beyond Meat

Last month, Snoop Dogg was in a video discussing why he is a brand ambassador for Beyond Meat – saying it is how he can ‘make an impact’.

The iconic rapper joined forces with other ambassadors for the plant-based company – including comedian Kevin Hart and entertainer Liza Koshy among others – in a new video for the brand titled Why Go Beyond.

The video looked at some of the reasons people opt for plant-based foods – whether that is 100 percent of the time, or just for some meals.

Snoop Dogg said: “There’s an option; there’s a door number two that you can go to….That’s how you make an impact.”

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