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Slipknot’s Corey Taylor has revealed he went plant-based months ago in a bid to reduce his cholesterol.

In an interview with Rock Feed, the musician – along with wife Alicia – also let slip that they were planning to open a mainly plant-based taco truck.

The pair said they’d been working on the venture for months, but that the coronavirus quarantine means they’ve been set back.

Taco truck

Discussing the truck, Taylor said it was ‘basically’ plant-based, but it wasn’t vegan, as there would be some dairy ingredients used, he added that ‘when people talk about vegan, they can become very pretentious’, and said the truck offered a way to combine the pair’s love of food with their healthier lifestyle.

When it comes to health, Alicia said the couple ditched animal products last August or September, and they ‘saw the benefits immediately’. Taylor said he had tried to ‘eat better’ before going plant-based, but it hadn’t impacted his cholesterol levels. Then once he made the switch, it ‘dropped like 80 points’. He described the change as ‘pretty rad’.

The pair described the change as a ‘choice we made for us’ with Alicia saying they ‘don’t want to be super annoying about it because that can turn a lot of people off’.

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