Reading Time: < 1 minute 'Go vegan and give a f**k' (Photo: Instagram)
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Celebrity singer Kate Nash has urged her 183,000 Instagram followers to stop consuming animal products. 

The Foundations star recently changed her Instagram bio to read ‘go vegan and give a f**k’. 

Vegan Fashion Week

Nash regularly speaks out about animal-rights and veganism on her social media, with one of her Instagram story highlights being solely dedicated to plant-based food. 

She also performed at Vegan Fashion Week in Los Angeles earlier this year alongside Moby and often promotes cruelty-free clothing brands such as Shrimps. 

‘Stop Mocking Vegans’

On Twitter, where Nash’s bio also reads ‘vegan’, the artist retweeted an opinion piece from the New York Times titled Stop Mocking Vegans

“Vegans are the vanguard: Research says if we’re going to survive on this planet, we need to consume far fewer animals,” the caption reads.

“So if you won’t join them, at least stop mocking them. Vegans are right on the ethics and the environment. Celebrate them!:

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Liam Giliver

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