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British singer Jessie Ware has admitted that she tried to eat plant-based for a month – but lasted only 12 days.

Media outlet Under the Radar Magazine asked the R&B/pop singer/songwriter to write a list of interesting – and unknown – facts about herself.

The 33-year-old musician wrote: “I tried to be a vegan for a month, I lasted 12 days. 

“It was broken in New York on a Tenement Museum walking tour of the Lower East Side’s food with a slice of salami and a chunk of Parmesan.”

‘Breaking her veganism’

For another article earlier this year, Ware met with SPIN‘s interviewer on her sixth day of being plant-based.

According to writer Emma Carmichael, Ware was ‘still waiting for wholesome benevolence to sink in’ from her new diet; the celeb added: “I won’t say I feel bl**dy good [on the vegan diet]!.”

The singer ‘broke her aspirational veganism’ during the interview, when she ate a salami and cheese sandwich.

“Should I just do it?” Ware asked the interviewer before taking a bite.

“I don’t give a sh*t,” the musician added.


Jessie Ware is also known to have previously confessed: “I’m such a bully about food on tour. 

“I made my vegetarian guitarist eat meat. 

“It’s terrible, but he’s not going back.”

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