Singer James Arthur: 'Eating Vegan Is Helping Me Lose The Belly'

Singer James Arthur: ‘Eating Vegan Is Helping Me Lose The Belly’


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The British singer doesn't want to contribute to 'animal cruelty' anymore (Photo: Video Music Awards) - Media Credit:
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Celeb James Arthur has spoken out about his vegan lifestyle – and how it has helped him shed weight.

The 29-year-old Say You Won’t Let Go singer ditched animal products seven months ago, and now he has also shunned leather, wearing vegan Doc Martens shoes instead.

Arthur has revealed that seeing ‘animal cruelty’ in the food and fashion industries forced him to change his lifestyle.

Weight loss

Arthur admitted he gained 30 pounds while on tour in America in 2017 – but his plant-based diet has aided his weight loss.

“It’s all about the vegan lifestyle,” he told the Metro newspaper.

“Not eating the animal products is helping me lose the belly. There was a point where I just wasn’t looking after myself and I decided I just had to. 

“I eat pretty good now and I’m keeping better hydrated.

“It used to be a complete afterthought to me, so now it’s like top of the list, drink water and keep yourself hydrated. Water before the beer.”


The singer explained that his guitarist helped him convert to veganism.

“I’ve been vegan for seven months. 

“My guitarist is a big vegan, a guru if you like. And my sister has been vegetarian for years, so I’ve seen a lot of vegan propaganda by default.”

He added that after he realized he wasn’t take of his body, he decided to become vegan ‘cold turkey’ – and ditched his junk food diet habits, which he described as ‘brutal’.

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