Reading Time: < 1 minute Simon Cowell with partner Lauren Silverman (Photo: See Li)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Simon Cowell has been making headlines recently, after revealing that he’s lost 60lb (27.2kg, 4 stone, 4lb).

Last year, the star announced he had dropped 20lb after ditching meat, dairy, wheat, and sugar. He also vowed to drop fish and ‘go the whole way’. Now, according to multiple reports, his diet is 100 percent plants.

As a result of his weight loss success, the star recently told The Sun newspaper that he is considering releasing a diet book featuring his favorite plant-based recipes.

It’s Not That Difficult

He said: “It’s something I have been thinking about because everyone’s so interested.

“I think I would call it, It’s Not That Difficult.

“I’d give people some of the recipes I have been following. What you eat has to taste nice – otherwise, you won’t stick to it.”

‘I feel good’

Cowell recently spoke about his weight loss in a conversation with Extra‘s Terri Seymour.

Cowell said: “I’m doing a bit of cooking. I’m exercising quite a lot during this time as well, [I’m] still sticking to the diet so I do feel good at the moment.

“The only difficult thing is when Eric [his son] orders a pizza or something that shard because the pizzas are the number one thing I miss.

“I think I have dropped, since I started this diet just over a year ago, maybe 60lb.”

Robbie Lockie

Robbie is the cofounder & director of Plant Based News.