Shocking Satellite Image Reveals Extent Of Australia’s Bushfires


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The fires can be seen from outer space (Photo: Twitter) - Media Credit:

Shocking images taken from the Himawari 8 satellite has revealed the extent of Australia’s bushfires.

Since September, more than 200 bushfires have swept across the country killing at least 23 people and burning 12 million acres of land – more than 1,000 homes have also been destroyed.

The fires, which were actually predicted by Emma Buckley Lennox in The Garnaut Climate Change Review, are reported to continue for ‘two months with no end in sight for firefighters’.

‘This is not normal’

The environmental organization Greenpeace Australia Pacific shared photos of Australia as seen from outer space, where the blaze can still be seen.

“Meanwhile, Sydney is covered in hazardous smoke with days until the chance of reprieve,” the charity wrote. “This is not normal. This is climate change.”

‘Absolutely devastating’

“It has been absolutely devastating,” Kangaroo Island Mayor, Michael Pengilly, told ABC.

“The north coast looks like it has been hit by a nuclear bomb. You can’t stop this thing at the moment, it’s bloody impossible.”

Last month, Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison was slammed for saying the current climate crisis isn’t linked to the country’s bushfires – which have now reached ‘catastrophic’ levels.

Morrison said it would not be ‘a credible suggestion’ to make that link – despite a plethora of media outlets pointing out a ‘hotter, drier climate will contribute to the country’s fires becoming more frequent and more intense.

You can donate or volunteer to help with the fires here

*This article was updated on January 6 to reflect that Michael Pengilly is the Mayor of Kangaroo.

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