Reading Time: < 1 minute Does veganism restrict our freedom? (Photo: Instagram)
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Russell Brand has explained why he went vegan earlier this year, on the latest episode of Rich Roll’s podcast.

Brand, who announced his return to veganism back in March, has been vocal about being vegan ever since – recently discussing his lifestyle change with hunter Joe Rogan.

On the podcast, Rich, a vegan author and athlete, asked Brand: “You finally made this leap to veganism. Lots of people were waiting for you to do that. It’s been a long time coming, so what happened?”

‘I’ve always loved animals’

Brand replied: “That f***ing documentary you’re in actually, I watched that Kip Andersen’s bloody What The Health and like it chimed so neatly with my belief about how the world operates.

“I thought ‘oh f**k it. Because I’ve always loved animals you know and I’ve always cared, to a degree, about my health. But when added to that was ‘oh my god it’s a ruse, the corruption behind this’.

“Of course there are counter arguments or whatever but I don’t see some powerful vegan lobbying forces around Washington.”

Brand also said he feels ‘healthier’ since ditching animal products from his diet and that it helps him ‘bring consciousness to everything’.

When speaking about whether veganism restricted people’s freedom, Brand added: “We’ve been taught freedom is freedom to pursue our desires but true freedom is freedom from our desires.”

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Liam Giliver

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