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Vegan comedian and actor, Russell Brand, has featured on the latest episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

The star, who recently announced his return to veganism after first attempting the lifestyle back in 2011, speaks to Rogan, a comedian who once dubbed vegans as ‘f***ing dipsh*ts’, about his morality.

Taking ‘adversarial stances’

“You’re a very different type of person to me, there are things in this world, in these polemical times, you and I would be supposed to, I would say, take adversarial stances on,” Brand states.

“I’m vegan now, you love hunting. But my personal philosophy is – my morality and my spirituality [are] for me. It’s not something I go around inflicting on other people and telling them how they should behave.

“I know enough now to know people are different, people have different experiences and I don’t let those things get in the way of how I evaluate other people.”


The comedian, who appeared on the TV show The Great British Bake Off, announced his return to veganism last month, tweeting: “I’ve been baking like a maniac ever since. And I’m vegan now (again).”

Brand first pledge to veganism was in 2011, when he quote-retweeted his now ex-wife Katy Perry saying the couple had watched the Netflix documentary Forks Over Knives.

“I’m now vegan, goodbye eggs, hello Ellen,” he added.

However, Brand’s commitment to veganism has caused some confusion, with fans tweeting the star asking him to clarify his lifestyle so they could ‘put to bed some conflicting opinions on your vegan status’.

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