Robbie Williams: 'As Long As The Animals Are Alright, I'm Alright'

Robbie Williams: ‘As Long As The Animals Are Alright, I’m Alright’


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Williams was concerned about animals in the blaze (Photo: Instagram) - Media Credit:
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Singer Robbie Williams appeared on the BBC’s The One Show earlier this evening – and spoke out about animals affected by wildfires in southern California.

The musician, who has just released his 13th studio album, told show hosts Matt Baker and Alex Jones about his experience living near the blaze in L.A – and voiced his concern for the affected animals.


The star – who follows a mostly plant-based diet although it is believed he eats a burger on occasion – said the flames were just a mile from his house.

He added: “All the animals had to be evacuated.

“My son has got croup and the air quality is terrible – so at the moment he’s having to stay indoors. 

“It’s terrifying.

“But as long as the animals are alright, I’m alright.”


Williams also spoke about the way meeting wife Ayda Field changed his life.

The father of two said: “She kind of did, and kind of didn’t [save my life]. 

“Meeting her was very transformative – I only had two commandments, thou shalt not get married, thou shalt not have kids, and I’ve broken both.

“How could I not? I fell in love, she makes me laugh, and her personality just beguiled me. 

“And there we were, and here we are now 10 years later, two children in, seven years of marriage.

“And yeah, she’s transformed my life.”


He added: “I did have my demons – and I do have my demons, I still do – but most of my life is being spent being sober, and being a good boy.

“And the bits where it punctuates that with going against it and being a very naughty boy, have been very few and far between.

“All the way through my twenties I wanted someone to come and fix me…and I tried to find her and didn’t…and realized I was alright.”


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