Reading Time: < 1 minute One of Gervais' go-to dishes is tofu stir-fry (Photo: Thomas Atilla Lewis/Adobe. Do not use without permission)
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Ricky Gervais has revealed his go-to ‘comfort food’s among the coronavirus lockdown.

The comic shared his top dishes during an interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

The interviewer asked him ‘what have been your go-to comfort foods during all this?’.

‘Meat substitutes’

“Pasta with vegan meatballs. We have tofu stir-fry with noodles. Vegan lasagna. Basically everything that was fattening but with meat substitute,” replied Gervais – who is widely understood to be vegetarian, and who some believe is vegan.

“I’ve been snacking less because I’m worried about not doing as much exercise. As it turns out, I’m probably doing slightly more exercise because I’m panicked about not doing enough exercise so I’m doing more exercise.

“I’m eating better, I’m drinking slightly less because I’m going to bed earlier and I’m getting up early. If anything, this improves my lifestyle.”

Animal charities

The comedian also revealed that he’s been supporting his favorite animal charities even more than usual amid the pandemic when asked whether there’s a cause that’s become particularly important to him during these times.

Gervais replied: “I’m glad people are realizing that the National Health Service are heroes and it’s lovely to support them.

“And I’m doing the same animal charities that I always did and probably even a little bit more because people are giving up their pets because they’re worried about themselves.”

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