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A record number of people signed up for Animal Aid’s Vegan Pledge this year.

The initiative – run by the UK-based animal protection group – takes place over a 30-day period in June. Non-vegans are encouraged to try veganism, and are provided with all of the information that they need to adopt a plant-based diet for the month, and beyond.

The pledge, which traditionally runs in November, was moved to June for the first time ever this year. A total of 3,764 people signed up to take part.


In a statement to Plant Based News, Animal Aid Campaign Manager, Tod Bradbury, said: ” We are absolutely ecstatic at the sheer number of people who signed up to the Summer Vegan Pledge – it was the most successful Animal Aid pledge to date.

“Adopting a plant-based diet has never been easier; we are seeing supermarkets, restaurants and other such places adding vegan products and options seemingly on a daily basis.

“Not to mention, a vegan diet is kinder to animals, better for the planet and is also healthy. There is really no downside.”