Protesters Facing Trial For Trespass After Animal 'Save' Vigil

Protesters Facing Trial For Trespass After Animal ‘Save’ Vigil


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A sheep on their way to slaughter (Denver Baby Animal Save) - Media Credit:
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Four Denver activists will face jury trials following an animal ‘save’ vigil.

The campaigners, who will be in court from November 27, have been accused of trespass at Superior Farms, a slaughterhouse processing baby lambs and goats.

Five trials will be held that afternoon in Courtroom 3G of the Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse, while an additional activist will face a similar trial the following day in 3F. 

Denver Baby Animal Save started holding vigils at Superior Farms in June this year.


According to a spokesperson for Denver Baby Animal Save: “Security guards at Superior Farms have accused activists of walking through a corner of their private parking lot while leaving a protest in August.” 

Activists have claimed security guards used ‘intimidation tactics’ against them.

Kaelyn Shafer, a Denver Baby Animal Save organizer, said: “We came here to speak out against the injustice faced by baby lambs and goats. 

“We quickly found out that this slaughterhouse is happy to extend their unjust practices to humans in order to protect their profits.”

Activist Kimito Sakata added: “We will not allow intimidation tactics to silence us.

“If it takes risking our dignity and freedom, we will do so to speak up for victims of violence, whoever they may be.


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