Pro-Meat Demonstrator Joins Vegan Vigil To 'Address His Agenda'

Pro-Meat Demonstrator Joins Vegan Vigil To ‘Address His Agenda’


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The protester came out to support his meat-eating lifestyle (Photo: Portland Animal Save) - Media Credit:
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A pro-meat demonstrator joined counter-protesters at a vigil in Portland last week.

He held signs with pro-meat statements, such as ‘Honk if you’re a carnivore’ and ‘Honk if you fish’.

The vigil, which took place on World Save Day, was organized by animal rights activist group Portland Animal Save and Salem Area Animal Save in a bid to ‘bear witness’ to animals going to slaughter.


The demonstrator – identifying himself as ‘Steve’ in a Facebook Live video by Portland Animal Save – said he came out to ‘address [his] agenda’.

“I just saw you guys out in the sun enjoying a nice day, so I thought I’d just come and address my agenda,” said the man.

Steve also said he was inspired to support his meat-eating lifestyle after seeing pro-vegan protesters wearing a bandana over his face ‘like some sort of vigilante’.

He believed that ‘it was frightening people’.


Portland Animal Save says advocates have experienced a number of interactions with community members – and thanks ‘Steve’ for inspiring them to continue their work.

According to the group: “Though we definitely see a lot of positive responses, we see the negative, as well. We go into it understanding that most people don’t want to accept our message, open their hearts to the truth, and make real change in their lives.

“A live video we took this day has gotten nearly 100,000 views. A lot of the comments on the video are of those telling us that we will never make change, that no one wants us there, we’re being laughed at, and that we need to go back to where we came from.

“We are so excited to see this happening. So excited that people are taking notice and paying attention. 

“They are making their way along the spectrum of truth.” 


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