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Luxury fashion house, Prada, has announced plans to create a nylon bag collection using recycled ocean plastic, fishing nets, and textile fiber waste.

Dubbed as the ‘Re-Nylon’ collection, the brand also aims to phase out virgin nylon by 2021 – so that the 700,000 meters of nylon it uses annually are recycled.

Speaking to Business Of Fashion, Lorenzo Bertelli, Head of Marketing and Communications at Prada Group, said: “It’s a massive reduction of nylon and a big impact in terms of sustainability.

“We want to do things not just for marketing reasons, but seriously, in big numbers.”

‘The start of an era’

The ‘capsule’ collection will feature a belt bag, a shoulder bag, and two Prada backpacks, which are priced between £520 – £1,220.

“It’s the start of an era for us. We see a lot of demand on the market,” Bertelli added. “I hope every competitor will move to more sustainable manufacturing approaches.”


Last month, Prada announced it would completely ditch fur from 2020 – to meet ‘the demand for ethical products’.

The brand wrote on social media: “Prada has announced, in collaboration with the Fur Free Alliance, that it will no longer use animal fur in its designs or new products, starting with PradaSS20 Women’s collections.”

You can shop the new range here

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