Pope Francis 'Considering Plea To Go Vegan For Lent'

Pope Francis ‘Considering Plea To Go Vegan For Lent’


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Pope Francis Will the Pope encourage Christians to eat vegan this Easter? - Media Credit: Jeon Han
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Pope Francis is ‘considering’ going vegan for Lent, according to the Million Dollar Vegan Campaign.

The campaign has offered a $1 million donation to a charity of his choice if he ditches meat and dairy during the religious observance.

12-year-old vegan activist, Genesis Butler, traveled to Vatican City this week in a bid to meet the pope in person. Yesterday she attended a meeting inside the Vatican with senior Catholic priest Father Pawe? Ptasznik. Today she attended the Pope’s general audience.

Vegan pope?

“Pope Francis is considering Genesis’s plea to go vegan for Lent,” said the Million Dollar Vegan campaign. “Today Genesis attended a general audience with Pope Francis at the Vatican, following an earlier meeting inside the Vatican yesterday with senior Catholic priest Father Pawe? Ptasznik.

“It was at this meeting that Genesis spoke with such integrity and passion about her love for animals and how we need to change our behaviour to protect them and the planet that we live on,”

“Father Ptasznik responded ‘we are all responsible for our Earth, I agree with your words’. And he agreed to be her messenger, and to take her letter, signed by dozens of celebrities, scientists and influencers, as well as the petition signed by tens of thousands of people, and hand it to Pope Francis.

“Father Ptasznik asked for Genesis’s home address and told her to await a response from the Pope.

“During today’s general audience, Pope Francis acknowledged Genesis and smiled in response to her question: ‘Your Holiness, will you go vegan for Lent?’.”

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