Reading Time: < 1 minute Harry Style's fans used the prank as another reason to love him (Photo: Ashley Newby)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Popstar Harry Styles has been praised by his fans – for using a vegan pie as a part of an onstage prank.

The well-coiffed singer ‘pie-d’ support act Mabel McVey in the face following their final performance together in Dublin.

McVey was a good sport about the prank – which saw Styles attack her with silly string and the pie while she was singing – play fighting, then giving him a hug.

‘At least it was vegan’

Taking to Twitter afterwards, McVey wrote: “At least [the pie was vegan.”

One of her fans replied: “Literally, how can you be so damn respectful that you ensure you throw a vegan cream pie at a vegan?

“I love this boy too much and I’m so happy he respects my fellow vegans.”


While Styles isn’t vegan himself, his antics with the pie endeared him to multiple fans, with another adding: “A true vegan lover. Another reason to stan.”

Another said: “Exactly, my little vegan heart just melted!”

One fan simply wrote: “Aww so considerate!”

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