Police To Take No Action After Vegan Is By 'Dragged By His Dreadlocks' At Pig Save

Police To Take No Action After Vegan Is By ‘Dragged By His Dreadlocks’ At Pig Save


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Video footage shows the activist being attacked - Media Credit:
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Police have confirmed they will not be taking any further action against a man who is shown dragging a vegan activist by his dreadlocks at a Pig Save vigil.

Footage posted by Liverpool Pig Save shows activist Jake Jordan being pulled by his hair by slaughterhouse staff while bearing witness to animals on their way to slaughter.

The vigil was held at C.S Morphet and Sons abattoir in Widnes, Cheshire.

‘Insufficient evidence’

According to local media, Merseyside Police questioned the man accused of assault, but an independent investigation manager decided there was ‘insufficient evidence to secure a conviction’.

(Video footage: Liverpool Pig Save)


A member of Liverpool Pig Save told PBN: “I filmed the incident, and the worker who dragged Jake from behind did not ask or warn Jake to move out of the way. 

“I was held back from behind by another worker to stop me filming more of the assault. We used to have an agreement in place, that they would allow us three minutes for each truck to bear witness to the pigs. 

“After six months this broke down due to workers not stopping the trucks for us and mocking us. 

“Since then every vigil they have tried there hardest to make sure we don’t get to see the pigs. 

“All we want is to safely and peacefully bear witness. More and more people are moving towards a vegan lifestyle and the industry knows it. 

“This will result in animal agriculture to get more frustrated and aggressive towards peaceful activists.”

‘His own safety’

A slaughterhouse spokesperson said Jordan was moved for ‘his own safety’.

They added: “He stood in the way of the wagon, where the driver could not see him, and so we had to drag him out of the way for his own safety. He could have been seriously hurt.

“Protestors are more than welcome, provided they protest peacefully, but when they stop the driver from doing his job they jeopardise our business and their own safety.

“We did it for the protestor’s own safety, the driver could not see him. He could have driven off while he was still holding onto the wagon.

“It wasn’t fair on the other protestors as it was only one person who spoiled it for those who were protesting peacefully.”

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