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all use Google (or its competitors) very broadly and on a daily basis to search
the web. But what if we could do it without using the Californian giant and
positively impact the future of our environment? is a unique
search engine with strict carbon neutral standards and that uses 80% of its advertisement
revenues for tree plantation projects in developing countries such as Burkina

There are plenty of reasons to plant trees. Trees produce oxygen and clean the air, trees
clean the soil, trees slow storm water runoff, trees can counter
desertification, trees are carbon sinks, trees act as windbreaks and trees
fight soil erosion.

In a generation that has experienced climate
change effects first hand – forests and their conservation are important; without them ecosystems would fall apart and animals become extinct. 

To finance its actions, Ecosia uses advertising
links of the search engine. For every click or for every purchase on a partner
site, the social enterprise obtains a sum of money.

Today, Ecosia has already planted more than 5 million trees. Their goal is to
plant 1 billion before 2020! And why not? You can join their fight against
climate change and plant trees just by using your computer! 

Check out their facebook page by clicking here.