Victoria’s Secret Model Shares Her Plant-Based Diet Secrets


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The vegan supermodel will give into cravings (Photo: Bridget Malcolm Instagram) - Media Credit:

A Victoria’s Secret model has shared the secret behind her amazing physique – and it’s all down to plants.

Australian supermodel Bridget Malcolm posted the details of her healthy plant-based daily diet online.

Daily habits

According to Malcolm’s blog entry, she fasts for 12-14 hours overnight, and drinks two liters of water every morning.

For a quick snack, she always carries cherry tomatoes with her.

“If I am hungry and food is far away, or flying, or in a non-vegan friendly environment, I make sure I have some tomatoes to eat, and a Vega one-meal-replacement shake,” Malcolm wrote.

Malcolm eats every three-four hours, munching on nuts, beans, and vegetables – which, she says, are ‘life extenders’.

She also goes by the motto ‘If I crave it, I eat it!’, not holding back from vegan ice-cream, or sweet potato fries.


The model believes that a protein-obsessed mindset has increased the obesity rates.

“I hate our society’s obsession with protein,” she wrote.

“With obesity rates skyrocketing, I wonder if people will start to make the connection that getting your protein in is killing them slowly.

However, the model makes sure to have a serving of tofu or beans with each meal.

“No steaks here – and I am yet to die of a protein deficiency!”

To sum it all up, Malcolm advises to ‘eat real food, not too much, mostly plants’.


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