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A new report, titled Jobs in a net-zero emissions future, says plant-based production could create 19 million jobs in Latin America and The Caribbean.

The joint study, between the International Labour Organisation and the Inter-American Development Bank, says ‘the production of high-value fruits and vegetables would provide greater opportunities for smallholders and family farmers as well as healthier diets for the population at large’.

‘Net-zero carbon economy’

“In the transition to a net-zero carbon economy, 7.5 million jobs are destroyed in fossil fuel electricity, fossil fuel extraction, and animal-based food production,” the report states.

“However, these lost jobs are more than compensated by new employment opportunities, as 22.5 million jobs are created in agriculture and plant-based food production, renewable electricity, forestry, construction, and manufacturing.”

Plant-based agriculture

In the U.K, advocacy organization Animal Aid has urged the government to support dairy farmers transition into plant-based farming – or diversify out of animal agriculture.

The company has joined forces with other organizations, public figures, and academics, to write to the government, urging it not to ‘bow to the continued demands from representatives of the UK dairy industry’ who are asking for financial support.

You can read the full report here

Liam Giliver

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