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Comedian Sara Pascoe has revealed that fellow vegans have sent her hate mail – including messages telling her to ‘kill [herself]’.

In a recent interview with The GuardianVeganuary ambassador Pascoe said she incurred this wrath after appearing on TV show Bake Off: Extra Slice.

The star, who made a plant-based bread and butter pudding on the episode, said some vegans believed she should have ‘boycotted the show, because other guests used eggs and butter’.

‘Hate mail’

She added: “I get terrible hate mail from other vegans. 

“I got emails telling me to kill myself. 

“They’re much angrier at people who are supposed to be on their side.”


Pascoe, who currently stars in the show LadsLadsLads, which ‘reflects on the relationship and aftermath of [her] time with [her] ex, John Robbins’, also mentioned that she finds it ‘annoying’ how all her ex-boyfriends become vegan only after they break up.

The British comedian, 36, has been vegan for eight years – and has previously said of her diet: “I felt straight away on a plant-based diet my digestion immediately improved, and that thing where you feel a little bit glowy, where people say ‘you look well’, and you say well actually, ‘I’m a vegan’.”


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