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Reading Time: 2 minutes

Celebrity singer-songwriter Pink, real name Alecia Beth Moore, has shared a vegan cherry tart recipe to more than seven million followers – describing it as ‘delicious’.

The star, who donated $500,000 to local state fire services during Australia’s ‘catastrophic’ fires, posted a video on Instagram explaining how her son is allergic to wheat, dairy, and eggs.

‘Better than the real ones’

“We have a cherry tree and our favorite thing to do every year is pick cherries and so, seeing as though I couldn’t find a good recipe, here it is…

“If you want to make a crust get some vegan gram crackers. I know some of you out there are throwing up in your mouth – but trust me – they’re delicious and they might even be better than the real ones.”

The musician posted the full recipe in the comments which include vegan butter, coconut yogurt, vanilla extra, brown sugar, vegan graham crackers, and fresh cherries.

‘A world issue’

Pink frequently uses her platform to raise awareness of environmental disasters. Earlier this year, she posted a picture of the fires that had spread through the Amazon Rainforest.

“Don’t pray for Brazil or the Amazon. Pray for yourself. The amazon provides 20 percent of our oxygen every year and it’s been burning at a record rate right now and for the past 18-19 days,” the image was captioned.

Pink added: “This is a WORLD issue and emergency and affects all of our security.”

You can find the full recipe here

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