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Controversial TV host Piers Morgan has once again aired his views on vegans – this time branding them hypocrites.

The outspoken presenter made the comments during a discussion on Good Morning Britain featuring ex-vegan Nicole Carter and PETA UK Director Elisa Allen, discussing whether veganism is healthy.

But Morgan veered off-topic to talk about how harvesting crops kills insects including bees, saying that vegans are hypocrites as they effectively advocate the slaughter of these animals.

‘Vegan hypocrite’

Morgan claimed he finds vegans aggressive, saying: “If you want to be vegan do your thing I don’t care. If you want to be vegan and scream at me all day I’ll have a problem with it.”

He added: “You are eating stuff that is caused by exterminating millions of insects. Do you drink almond milk? You know that literally billions of bees get killed to make almond milk?” Morgan said.

“Care about the bees or not? You work for PETA, so do you care about them or not? Why would you encourage the slaughter of billions of bees? It’s hypocritical…My bee in the bonnet about it is [that vegans are] so aggressive…”

Allen confirmed she cares about all animals, adding: “What I know is billions of animals are getting slaughtered for their flesh.

Morgan discussed veganism on Good Morning Britain

Morgan controversy

This is not the first time Morgan has shared his views on veganism. Earlier this year he slammed celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay for launching a vegan Sunday Roast.

Ramsay revealed the news to his almost 7 million followers on Twitter, posting a video of the dish, which appears to feature a vegetable wellington alongside roast potatoes, braised carrots, vegetables, and gravy, Ramsay wrote: “It’s happened….the vegan roast has landed at Bread Street Kitchen.”

Morgan retweeted the dish to his followers, saying: “Oh FFS, Ramsay… not you as well? This looks utterly revolting.”

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