Reading Time: < 1 minute The TV presenter is starting to accept the threat posed by climate change (Photo: Amazon Prime)
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Petrol-head Jeremy Clarkson has branded global warming ‘genuinely alarming’ – after years of climate skepticism.

The anti-environmentalist, who has presented programs about cars for 30 years, made the realization while filming an episode of Amazon Prime show The Grand Tour.


According to Clarkson, a recent filming trip to Vietnam opened his eyes to the devastating impact human activity is having on the planet. An episode due to screen on December 13 sees Clarkson and his co-hosts James May and Richard Hammond examine the impact of climate change on Cambodia and Vietnam.

The trio travels across Indochina in boats on lakes and rivers, instead of driving cars, in a bid to document the uncharacteristic drought.

“It’s the first time I’ve had a graphic demonstration of global warming, and you go, ‘Jesus Christ, that is really alarming’,” said Clarkson. “The irony is not lost on me. A man who hosted a car program for 30 years, limited to seven miles an hour by global warming.”

Greta Thunberg

Despite his change of heart on climate change, Clarkson is still a vocal opponent of environmental activist Greta Thunberg.

Speaking about the 16-year-old during an interview with Australia’s breakfast show, Sunrise yesterday, he branded her ‘dangerous’.

“She’s mad and she’s dangerous and she’s causing young children sleepless nights with her idiocy…I think she needs to go back to school and shut up,” he said.

Maria Chiorando

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