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Vegan charity PETA Latino has gifted celebrity singer Jennifer Lopez a faux-fur coat, following her controversial outfit made from animal fur in the film Hustlers

The charity, which has slammed a plethora of celebrities for wearing fur in the past, said the star was ‘far too beautiful to wear something so ugly — fur’.

“We’re mailing you this faux fur to encourage you to have compassion for animals and help make the world a little less violent,” the organization tweeted.

‘The world is violent enough’

According to Page Six Style, PETA Latino’s Senior Manager, Alicia Aguayo, also sent a letter to the Jenny From The Block singer, stating: “As excited as we and so many of your fans were to see Hustlers, we couldn’t help but notice your character’s fur coat and wanted to send along a stunning cruelty-free replacement for your second act.

“Life can be cruel, but it’s time to face what’s wrong or right. More than a dozen foxes may have been killed in order to make your costume — and many more animals have died for the fur you’ve been photographed wearing while out and about.”

Aguayo added: “The world is already violent enough, so won’t you please, please help by simply not wearing the real skins of animals who were abused and violently killed? If you could just see firsthand what foxes, minks, and other animals go through, we know you wouldn’t tell us.”

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