People Were Asked If They Would Be Vegan Forever: Here’s What They Said


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Being vegan is an amazing life choice for many reasons - Media Credit:

Most vegans are extremely passionate about their lifestyle.

There is a vibrant and growing community, amazing food – and most important of all – being vegan reduces animal suffering.

For all of these reasons, once people decide to be vegan, it becomes a lifelong commitment.


When Facebook user Nicholas Poindexter posed the question, ‘Who here also is going to be vegan forever?!’, in the Vegans United group, many people were keen to offer their answers.

He asked respondents to show some ‘vegan passion’.

Here are just 10 of the many responses.

1. Wendy Johnson 

Until I take my last breath on this earth I will be vegan and I will speak for the animals until they are all free from exploitation.

2. Sky Ralph 

I will be vegan forever. This isn’t a trend or a fad diet. This is my life now. I see the truth. 

I speak the truth. I am a voice for the voiceless. I feel better mentally, emotionally, and physically.

3. Evelina Utterdahl 

Been [vegan] for two years and could never see myself not be vegan. My heart grow more empathetic not less, so I could never ever go back. Vegan for the animals.

4. Rozelle Cunningham 

Once your eyes are open, it’s impossible to close them.

5. Carissa Tiss McMurrich 

Wait…. are some people NOT staying vegan forever?! I don’t understand why you would go back.

6. Rosie Romero 

I could not go back to eating God’s creatures…Only when humanity stops killing animals for food or sport and they are not used as a food source!!!!

7. Lorraine Fleischmann 

Yes it’s for ever and ever .. each life I live .. once you know what you know, you could never ever change. 

How can you change what your heart feels?

8. Kyotee Grace Rittwage 

If you aren’t vegan forever, you never were vegan in my opinion. You lived a vegan lifestyle but obviously your mindset wasnt vegan if you decide not to be anymore! 

Loving all these forever, real vegans 

9. Jennifer Pittard 

I could never go back. Veganism and animal rights are part of who I am.

10. Julie Diane 

ABSOLUTELY! There’s no going back to that way of life knowing what I know now… VEGAN FOR LIFE!!!!


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