Reading Time: < 1 minute PBN Founder Klaus Mitchell with activists Earthling Ed who has read the news (below) and director Keegan Kuhn (interview coming soon)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Plant Based News has launched a weekly round-up on Instagram TV [IGTV] – the platform’s new long-form video sharing service.

Each week viewers can tune in to hear about the biggest stories from the past few days, as well as commentary on current plant-based events.

The show will be generally be hosted by PBN Founder Klaus Mitchell, as well as other members of the team.


In addition, PBN is open to other people coming to the platform to host the round-up.

Klaus Mitchell said: “I started Plant Based News as a grassroots project, and I had different YouTubers reading out the news each week.

“The new IGTV platform has reignited the passion to do that again.”

Activist Earthling Ed reads the news


Instagram users who have the app installed on their phone can access IGTV by clicking on the TV icon in the right hand top corner of the screen.

The button takes you to videos by accounts you follow, as well as content from popular creators and celebrities.

You can follow Plant Based News onInstagram here

Contact for more information about hosting the weekly show.

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